My Approach


I practice person-centred psychotherapy/counselling. This means my therapy approach is built upon the philosophical foundation that as human beings, the unique ways we live and survive are to be respected and trusted. Through experiencing an ongoing, affirming environment it's possible to move towards developing your personal potential and to feel you're living a more enriched life.

If we’ve grown up or currently exist in environments where our need for support, love and acceptance isn’t understood or valued, we may consider such needs to be unacceptable. Through being disconnected from our needs and perhaps not feeling understood by others, we may experience anxiety, low self-esteem, anger, stuckness, shame or estrangement from ourselves and the wider world. Likewise, some of these feelings may be generated if we don’t have the support to process a traumatic life event or series of traumas that may shake the foundations of our existence.

By working with me in a therapy relationship, you're welcome to explore whatever you wish in an environment where the need for support, acceptance and expressing vulnerability, in any form, is prized and received with warmth. Through taking the time to explore what’s troubling you within this environment, you may feel a greater sense of compassion and acceptance towards yourself and a deeper connection towards others.

I carry sensitive awareness of how our ongoing and sometimes complex interactions with society can influence our self-perception and life experiences. Our individual socio-economic situation plus our age, gender, ethnicity, levels of ability/disability, sexual identity, nationality/cultural background can all interact to influence how we navigate our internal world and our relationships with the world around us. Consequently, I’ll respectfully acknowledge the unique context shaping your worldview, being guided by you as to whether it’s something you wish to explore with me during our sessions.